Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Drink Wine or Not to Drink Wine...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the doctor for an annual checkup.  When I checked in I was handed a two page document containing my health summary.  This must be a new procedure as I have never received one of these documents before.  
  The third item on the document listed my BMI.  While I will freely admit my BMI is far from perfect, I had to laugh as I read the statement that followed the number. The statement loudly proclaimed, "WE NEED TO WORK ON WEIGHT LOSS."  The next bullet point proudly proclaimed that my BLOOD PRESSURE  IS UP-TO-DATE.  (I would hope since I was still breathing!)  The fifth bullet indicated my cholesterol numbers had dropped, if I remember correctly 13 doctor was very happy about that.  Guess he was right when he said I should consider not eating ice cream every night.  Doesn't he know that I am totally addicted to ice cream?  

As I am sitting in the exam room waiting patiently for the doctor to see me, I hear him outside the door giving someone a list of supplies that he needed.  The list included lidocaine, betadine, and a very large needle.  He then says that he would be in with me.  Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a needle person.  No let me rephrase that, I despise needles!  (I'm getting just a little bit nervous as I am there just to get my blood work results...last time I checked that didn't involve needles.)  Dr. S. walks in and says, hello and asks how I am doing.  I told him I was fine but if the needles and lidocaine were for me, I was leaving.  He looked at me for a split second and then very calmly stated that I had nothing to worry about.  Phew!  

Now I love my doctor.  he is a really cool guy and is very much aware of my sense of humor!  He explains to me that my blood pressure isn't exactly where it should be.  I nod my head and listen as he continues to explain that diet and exercise would be a good way to help it.  (Seriously again, doesn't he know I am addicted to ice  cream?)  I really start to laugh when he mentions aerobic exercise would be  a good way to help raise my good cholesterol levels.  When he realized that, was probably not going to happen he nonchalantly mentioned that I could possibly have a glass of red wine at night.  Um excuse me...did I just hear him say I could drink a glass a wine at night????  I know most people would probably jump at the opportunity to drink wine at night, I however, do not drink.  My alternative...not ice cream...but red grapes. can I convince him that ice cream will do the same thing as wine and grapes....?

Ok just go with's the closest thing to grapes that I have at the moment.  I know it's stretching it but you get the idea!  So all this talk about wine made me wonder about the verses in the Bible about drinking wine.  I stumbled on this one and yes, it may be taken completely out of context but I thought it was quite appropriate for my conversation with Dr. S. yesterday.
1Timothy says: 
(No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.) 

So I will leave you pondering that thought.  The next time you take a sip of red wine remind yourself it may be good for what ails you.  But you didn't hear it from me!

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  1. And to think that I was planning to have red winethis afternoon before I knew it was good for me :-)

  2. If only wine didn't give me a headache...