Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I am loving Scavenger Hunt Sundays with Ashley
I am catching myself looking at things and ask can I use that for one of this week's prompts?  My husband and kids have even gotten in on the fun!  

1.  Stacked Up
The stone wall holding up our flower bed in the front yard

2.  Winter Wonderland
 Since we have no snow here and none in the near future I had to stretch my imagination a little! 
I am renaming this Waiting on Winter Wonderland! 

3.  Sweet
Saturday afternoon's dessert...cupcakes made with love!

4.  Hole

I couldn't wait to take this picture.  
This is an old barn down the road from me. 
I love the texture of old barns!

5. Frozen
This prompt proved to be quite the challenge for me.
My first two ideas didn't turn out so my husband suggested I use a frozen ice pack.  

Thanks for stopping by!!!! 
  As always I'd love to hear your comments.
Much love to all!


  1. That "Sweet" shot look awful yummy!

  2. Love your stacked up shot and your sweet is looking very yummy.

  3. That cupcake is so pretty - and I do love your imaginative take on Winter Wonderland.

  4. Yum, that sweet shot is making me hungry!

  5. Love your stacked shot and and waiting for winter, hehe!

  6. I really like that image of the barn. I don't think I've ever seen one made of brick. Great set of photos here!

  7. These are just wonderful! I agree, I am waiting on a winter wonderland! That barn is just amazing too!

  8. Okay that 'hole' shot was worth the wait, LOVING the angle you chose! LOVIN your sweet shot, as you already know. LOL
    GREAT set this week lady! SO excited you have joined the hunt and blogging with me!

  9. Great set! What a cool barn! Love your sweet and winter wonderland as well:) Great idea!

  10. Great set of images. I loved your waiting for winter image. Too funny. And that texture and color of the old barn was awesome.

  11. Great work - I really like your stacked up shot.

  12. Love the winter wonderland...and stacked. Very creative.

  13. I love the look of your whole site. Inspirational!


  14. Really great series. I love your old barn for the Hole prompt.
    Waiting on "Winter Wonderland" was fun and creative.
    The "Stacked" photo was my favorite of your series.

  15. I as just telling my husband this morning we need one of those old type sleds!

  16. Love your hole shot! And I am glad to see you are all ready for the snow :)

  17. Your first image is wonderful, love the texture

  18. Mmmm sweet looks so very sweet and I'm envious. Great set of pictures!

    I enjoyed looking through your pictures, and your blog is adorable. I look forward to coming back soon and I'm your newest follower. :)

  19. Ahhhhhh...a "Flexible Flyer"! Now THAT brings back some memories. THAT and a round metal saucer that you use to freeze to in order to slide down the snow :)


  20. I love your first two shots, and the cupcake looks amazing!

  21. I really like the shot of the bricks!