Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's Sunday...know what that means?  It's time for SHS!  I love Sunday's for many reasons, church, friends, youth group, relaxing...and SHS!  This week's hunt was a lot of fun.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I played taxi cab driver last Sunday.  I grabbed my camera and headed out the door for the shoot.  I had not intended to look for prompts while I was out, probably because hadn't even looked at the list yet.  While we were out C said hey what are the prompts for this week.  We pulled out my phone and found the list.  When the day was over, we had captured three out of the five prompts...not bad for not trying!  


This was not one of the pictures I captured during my photo shoot adventure on Sunday.  Since the sunset picture was one of the two pictures I was not able to capture on Sunday I met up with some friends and we set out to capture the sunset.  We climbed up to the top of a large hill so we could see for miles around.  What we didn't expect was that when we got to the top it would be extremely cold and windy.  However, I think the wind and cold was well worth it!  


C hard at work capturing leading lines for his homework.    I hope his mom loves this picture as much as the others.  I posted some of the others here


This was the day I captured most of my scavenger hunt items.  I was captivated by my shadow on the rocks as I walked past so I grabbed my camera to shoot the picture.  After I took the picture I noticed the face in the picture.  

4.  FOUR

When I read this prompt, I immediately was thinking of four of something so I found four goats. 
Then I found four baby goats...
I promise there are four there! 
A little later we discovered this...

Four seats on a the playground!   
I thought I finally found my four until yesterday when I found four ducks floating down the stream...

So instead of a four pictures of one thing, I decided to share four pictures each with four things in them!


Yes, someone does live there!  This house is VERY colorful!  

I have two more pictures to share.
Last week one of our prompts was Winter Wonderland.
I posted this picture I called Waiting on Winter Wonderland.

Well this week I am happy to report someone must have gotten the message because when I woke up yesterday this is what I saw...
Winter Wonderland...
Thanks for stopping always I'd love to hear your comments.
Much love to all,


  1. Great shots ...those baby goats are precious!

  2. I just love your black and white and colorful! Great finds!

  3. So glad you have amazing friends to go on photo shoots with......LOL
    What an awesome set my friend! The sunset came out sooo good, LOVE it. And well of course I LOVE the B&W. You totally stole the best colorful pic in York County!!!!! Do I get credit for my C taking you to it? LOLOLOL

  4. Great photos, that house is amazing! Love the goats.

  5. Great shots this week Wendy! The four goats cracked me up and that house. There are no words to describe how totally cool that house is. :)

  6. That face on the rock in your shadow is really cool! What a great coincidence! And I can't believe how colorful that house is! Neat finds!

  7. I love all your sets of four! That is very cool.

  8. Beautiful interpretations - really love your sunset.

  9. Awesome, love the four goats and that house well had me laughing. My favorite is your sunset well done.

  10. Love your B&W shot on the train lines!

  11. Love that last picture so much!

  12. I officially think you have the best colorful picture I've seen! That house is COLORFUL! Wow!
    And what could be cuter than four baby goats?!? But I also love the other fours too! Have a great week!

  13. Great set! Love all your "four" photos! And what a colorful house!

    BTW, the verse you have in your header is my all-time favorite Bible verse. I chanted it many a time while running. Especially when my legs were screaming at me to quit. :)

  14. Funny that! Snow started falling after I posted last weeks hunt and we were snowed in until this Sunday. Guess the prompts should have been switched :)
    Lovely set of fours. My son suggested we paint the house many colors today and now here you are posting it. Funny...

  15. Got my first snow too this weekend! I am totally in love with your b/w prompt. Brilliant!


  16. Great shots! Those baby goats are really cute.

    Thanks for commenting on my own photos! :)

  17. I would love to photograph that little house - it reminds me of a house made from lego bricks! That snow scene looks lovely and I too would be on those tracks with your son getting leading lines!

  18. What an awesome shot of the house!! And the b/w shot is very cool.

  19. What a great set- really love that first one.