Saturday, January 7, 2012

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

I started this blog as a way to improve my photography skills so why not jump right in and get started. Linking up with   Ashley  over at Ramblings and Photos, to share my Memories, Dreams and Reflections from 2011.  I've enjoyed reminiscing the memories I've created and shared the past year.  

1.  Me
Wow...I can't believe I just posted a picture of myself on my blog in a bathing suit!  
I didn't have any major accomplishments this year but I did chaperone my very first mission trip...more about that later!

2.  I Love You
My family is the reason I get up every morning.  
They give me countless hours of joy and happiness. 

3.  Still Laughing

 This year I was asked to take several sets of senior portraits.
Rachel was so much fun to photograph.  We spent an entire afternoon having fun. 
She has these adorable dimples that only come out when she isn't trying!  I asked her to make her dimples appear so I could photograph them.  After I took the picture I showed it to her and as you can see her reaction was priceless!

4.  Winter Wonderland

Snow in October??? 
That would be a YES!!!  
This is the only Winter Wonderland picture I could find and I didn't even take it.  My husband took this picture of our children's snow people!  The snow fell two days before Halloween and was all melted in time for Trick or Treating!

5. Birthday

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Ashlee.  
This August we welcomed our fifth niece into the family.  
I captured this picture of Big Sis Alyssa meeting her baby sister for the first time.  
Can't you just feel the love?!

6.  Friends

Friends!  What better picture to capture the meaning of friendship...friends going to Prom together.
This year offered many photography firsts...
Senior Pictures and Prom.
My neighbor asked me to take just a few pictures of her daughter...
(you can't ask someone who loves photography to take just a few!)  
This was one of my favorite pictures from that day!  I also think it was the last one I took.  I saw these trees and just asked the kids to stand behind them.  The rest just fell into place!

7.  I was and continue to be ... Inspired

  Lauren is such an inspiration to me and to anyone who meets her.  
She is an amazing girl who has inspired me and continues to inspire me with her LOVE of GOD. 
She has "adopted" our daughter as her "'little sister" and is the best big sister anyone could ask for!
I am truly thankful to GOD for putting Lauren in our lives.

8.  Spring Fever

Nothing says spring than blooming flowers and sundresses!

11.  A Day in My Life ...

celebrating all the ways God has blessed me! 

12.  All Smiles

Friends on a soccer team!  
They went on to have an undefeated season...lot's of reasons to smile!

13.  Autumn Harvest

We typically go apple picking in the fall, however this year we did not!  
So no apple harvesting pictures for our family.  
We DID however visit a pumpkin farm and take a hay ride.  
As we were riding through the woods, I couldn't help but feel surrounded in God's beauty.

14.  Family or Home

I really wanted to post a picture of our home or something in our home here since I already posted pictures of my family, however, I wasn't able to find any!  Guess what I'll be doing this year!  I can't take credit for this picture as my brother, took this picture of us for my mom's Christmas newsletter.

15.  Celebrate

Father's Day! 
We celebrated Father's Day at one of my husband's favorite places...the beach!

16.  Let's Do It Again

I had the honor of working on an Extreme Home Makeover House this past summer. 
It was an experience I will never forget and would love to do it again sometime!

17.  I Miss You

Crew 55.5!
As I mentioned earlier I had the opportunity to chaperone and go on my first mission trip.  It was the most inspiring week of my life.  I came home from the trip with a new love and understanding of God
Crew 55.5 was an amazing group of teens with an amazing love of God.  I miss each member of my crew and our resident Sarah. 
This picture is not one of mine but is definitely one of my favorites from the trip.

18.  Beautiful

Alexis is a beautiful girl inside and out!
When I read this prompt, I immediately knew who my subject was going to be however, I had a hard time just picking one picture because she is incredibly beautiful all the pictures turned out just like this one! 

19.  Dress Up I took some liberties with this one!  I work from home and my husband works at a local college in the public safety office so dress up isn't something we do around here, except at Christmas and Easter!
We LOVE the Pittsburgh Steelers so when they were in the Super Bowl we all put on our jerseys and cheered them on. Unfortunately...they lost :(

20.  Macro

I am not exactly sure that this qualifies for Macro but I'm going with it!  As you can tell it is from the same day Alyssa met her baby sister.  I was touched by the tenderness of Alyssa's touch.

21.  Holidays

I'm sure we all can remember our parents making us stand by the tree for the annual family Christmas picture!  Not only do I torture the kids by making them stand by the tree for pictures in their church clothes, which color coordinate, I make them sit by the tree in their color coordinating pajamas as well.  Normally I take a few with my husband and myself as well, but we ran out of time this year.  
22.  My Favorite

I wasn't really planning on taking this shot however, my daughter was sitting on the floor near the tree and I was struck by the composition.  I quick grabbed the camera and told her not to move.  I am really pleased with the feeling of the picture.  I even captured a little extra flecks of light in her hair!

23.  Don't Ever Change

I love our children and while they won't freely admit it, they love each other!  
They are each others best friend and worst enemy.  
My hope is they always remain good friends and realize how lucky they are to have each other!

24.  Just Because...So There!

This was a hard one to choose.  However, who doesn't love a good baby face!  I asked Alyssa to stand with Kelsey so I could take their picture.  Alyssa who is usually very willing just made this funny face!
On a side note, Alyssa has posed for so many pictures for me, she always wants to play with the camera so she got her very own camera for her birthday which she carries everywhere taking pictures of everything.  Her mom has accused me of either molding a future photographer or warping her!  
I like to think of it as molding a future photographer...after all Aunts can't warp!!

25.  Hopes and Dreams

My Hopes for 2012 are to continue to cultivate my walk with Christ and become a deeper Christian. 
I also  hope to inspire others to deepen their journey with Christ.
My wish is to develop my photography skills so that one day my love of photography can not only be a habit but a career.  
May 2012 be full of hopes, dreams and fulfilled promises! 
Thank you for reflecting on 2011 with me I hope you continue to visit me with me in 2012 as I watch my photography skills continue to bloom.

Much Love to all, 


  1. Great set! Go Wendy! LOVE the pic of lil angel by the tree!!!! You did this all by yourself. I'm proud of you!

  2. I LOVE the photo of kelci by the tree! Great job wendy! Keep it up

  3. Hey...I know some of these people. A lovely post

  4. It looks like you had a sweet year - love your birthday shot.