Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Don't you just love Sundays!
 I was in a funk this week and knew what I needed was some quality time with my bud S. and my camera.  I didn't have time to shoot until the end of the week and I was really starting to worry about finding pictures for the prompts.  On Friday, S. joined me for a lunch time stroll through the park.  On our walk I was beginning to feel better about the hunt as I captured two of the prompts.  My mood was also improving as well...probably because I was with my bestest bud and my camera!  
My husband sent me roses for Valentine's day so I had an idea of what I wanted to do for Love and my daughter had an idea for trending so I was really feeling pretty good when I came home from my walk.  Well...I looked at my pictures and really wasn't feeling the love with any of the pictures I took.  I then tried to use the light box to capture my trending picture and REALLY wasn't feeling the love.  I decided to walk away and try again on Saturday....well the best laid plans...

1.  LOVE

As we were getting ready for bed on Friday night we learned about an Ice Sculpture Festival being held in a town in Lancaster County.  We were a little bummed because had we known about it we probably would have taken the kids to see it.  On Saturday morning we decided to treat the kids to breakfast at Shady Maple.  Now for those of you not familiar with Shady Maple, it is a huge smorgasbord with everything and anything you can imagine.  I am not a huge smorgasbord kind of person but boy do I love it.  We don't go very often because we have to leave by 7 in the morning so we get to the restaurant by 8 because it gets PACKED!  When we left we decided, well really I decided, we were going to go exploring!  We visited the Historic Ephrata Cloister and then made our way to the town of Lititz.  Lititz is the town that was hosting the Fire and Ice Festival.  Our plan was to just drive through it and not get out of the car...Boy am I ever glad we decided to get out!  The ice sculptures were still there!!!  
As we were walking around we stumbled onto this beautiful heart ice sculpture. Nothing says love more than a big heart!!!


I had no idea what to do for duplicated!  I mean did it mean a repeating pattern?...many of the same thing?  I took quite a few pictures for this prompt!  While we were in Litiz, we found this quaint store.  It was the coolest store...I can't tell you what made it cool other than it was filled with all kinds of trinkets.  My husband was drawn to this shelf of glass bottles.  I started taking pictures of them and realized the bottles were duplicated in the mirror that was behind them!  How awesome is that!  Next to the pictures of the ice sculptures I took this was my favorite shot of the day!  


You can't live in South Central PA and not hear someone talk about Penn State Football at least once a day!  This may be a stretch for trending but with five PSU graduates and many fans in our family, PSU football is usually the trend when we get together.


Thank you S. for pointing this tree out to me!  The bark on this tree looks like paper.  I have no idea what this tree is called but it looks soo cool!  Does anyone know what it is called?


I had so many cool and creative ideas for this prompt.  But in the end, this picture won out!  When I took the picture on Friday, I didn't notice the "face" in the picture.  When I loaded them on to my computer, I had to smile when I saw the picture.  I knew this was the picture I needed to use!

Hope everyone had a great week and a fabulous Valentine's Day!
Thanks for stopping by...I can't wait to see how everyone else interpreted this week's prompts.  
I'd love to hear your comments!

Much love to all,


  1. Ahhhh...I might have met my rival for best Penn State family :). And I love Lititz! Such a cute town. Never been to Shady Maple. My kids have, but I just don't do buffets. I hear it is great tho!


  2. I saw the face right away on the playground. Kinda neat. I'm not completely sure but the tree looks like a eucalyptus.

  3. Great set of prompts!! That ice sculpture is great, and I love the face on the last one! ; )

  4. What interesting finds! The colors in your duplicate shot are wonderful! That playground is so funny.

  5. I love that duplicated picture. The colors are so lovely!

  6. I really like your duplicate shot, Wendy . . . the colours are just lovely. Cute plastic, too. I got the face right away, too.

  7. Love your love picture! And I so see the face in that structure!

  8. : ) I just love the face in the park. So fun of the playground engineer to think of that : ) I also love that you took the kids to Shady Maple. My parents went on Friday for my Mommy's free Birthday dinner : ) They love that place. I haven't been since I was in high school. I remember seeing more food than I had ever seen before! WOW!

    Go Penn State! I don't live in Central PA but I sure do love the Nittany Lions!

  9. Nice shots - the tree shot is awesome!

  10. Well, well, well my friend...I see you were out hunting without me on Saturday! If you would win the lottery, I wouldn't have to work weekends and we could afford a private driver to escort us around on shoots! Now..GET ON THAT PRONTO! LOL
    So, on to what we are here for..
    LOVE the ice sculpture! Colors in duplicated are great and I LOVE that you took notice to the reflection of the bottles in the mirror. And, your welcome for the paper shot, I LOVE it, would have snapped it myself if I hadn't been in a funk!!!!
    God sure did BLESS me BIG when He crossed our hearts and lenses!

  11. Your captures here are ALL AMAZING.. I especially LOVE the paper shot.. Duplicated is beautiful.. Lots of fun inspiration!! I am your newest follower here ~ Marilyn via .. Excited to indulge in more of your amazing photography in the future..

    Ps: today is day 1 of Finagle A Foto (texture shot challenge)...I would LOVE for you to join in please if you are up for it.. :)) Please stop in and check it out.. Snap away with us. ~

    ..Wishing you a HAPPY SUNDAY AFTERNOON...~Marilyn

  12. Love the paper shot! What a great find. And the ice sculpture is beautiful!

  13. Love your paper shot and the ice sculpture.

  14. Beautiful set of images! I really love the duplicated shot! Isn't it fun when a prompt just jumps out and graps you!! Great finds!

  15. Great set - I immediately noticed the face in your last shot.

  16. can't believe you didn't feel the love for your photos... they are amazing! that slide is a crack-up... the duplicated shot is so colorful. Sharing your story about the ice sculpture was fun to read.

  17. I love your set! The face in the plastic shot was so cool! The story behind your ice sculpture was great, it sounds like you had a lovely Saturday!

  18. Fantastic shots...I especially love the paper shot....Wow, very cool.

  19. Great post and series.
    I really like your Paper and Plastic Shots - That face is pretty cool. How funny I used playground equipment for my plastic shot as well.
    I bet those Ice sculptures were beautiful. The Love Heart was perfect for the prompts.
    Duplicated is really pretty.

  20. I noticed the face immediately! That's awesome. Also, I had no idea what "duplicate" meant either. Your picture is great!

  21. I just love all those glass bottles. So pretty!

  22. Oh, those bottles are so pretty!

    Haha, cool "face" in your last shot!

  23. I would venture to say it is a paper birch, but I'm not certain. It's a lovely example though. Beautiful! Love your collection.

  24. I love your duplicated shot- how I would love to have a handful of those around here.