Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

On the hunt with Ashley again!
It's hard to believe January has passed and February is in full swing.  As I get older I think time is starting to move that even possible?
I am loving participating in SHS and this week was no different.  I love being forced to think outside of the box and find new things to capture.  In fact, this week I was driving by a building and thought, I can't wait until there is a prompt that I use that for.  (Little did I know this was the week!!!!)  

 You might remember this guy from last week's smile pose.  I actually took many pictures this week that I could use for strike a pose however, this one makes me smile every time I look at it so he won. 


It's a what?
It's a shoe house....yes it's an actual house!  This house has quite the history behind it.  I grew up a few miles up the road from this unique building but I have never had the privilege of stepping inside.  Today you can stop in for some hand dipped Hershey's Ice Cream on the weekends or tour the old shoe. You may have seen this footwear on The Amazing Race a few years ago.  It has also been featured in many articles and television shows.  If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by and check it out!  
(There is even a shoe shaped dog house out back...)


 This was a hard one for me because I have many things I like to do.  However, there are two things that I would consider and knitting.  Last week, I took a day off from work and hooked up with a friend and we spent the day taking pictures.  It was one of the best days of 2012!  While we were out and about we stumbled upon a yarn store.  This store had tons of cubbies filled with colorful yarn.  I just wanted to keep taking pictures of it!  I almost used this picture last week for artificial because of all the "artificial" colors of yarn. 


 I met up with some friends at Cracker Barrel last Sunday after church.  While we were waiting for our table we nosed around the General Store.  I love looking around in the store you never know what you are going to find!  I happened to look up and see tons of antiques hanging from the ceiling.  I did not have my camera with me so I turned to my friend and suggested she take some pictures of the unique things.  She was afraid she wouldn't be allowed but offered her camera to me.  I just started snapping away and totally forgot about the pictures until this Friday when she asked me if I found my shiny picture yet.  
I learned two things that day...
1.  Never leave home without your camera 
2.  If you do leave home without your camera be sure you are with your bestest bud who never leaves home without her camera!


 Color me green could mean so many things.  I however, wanted to think outside of the box and find something that was being colored by nature.  I stumbled on this wall while my friend was snapping his shiny picture. 
This used to be a fenced in tennis court complete with lights in someone's backyard.  I can remember driving past here when I was a kid thinking how lucky the people who lived there were because they had their very own tennis court.  Today all that remains of the court is a rusty basketball net.  Even the fence is gone.  
Thanks for stopping by and as always I'd love to hear your comments!
Much love to all, 


  1. I love the green and shiny is cool too.

  2. REALLY great set! You know I'm lovin your POSE shot! (me and my farm animals) The color in your HOBBY shot is beautiful. Angle of your SHINY...WOW! And we can't forget about that Shoehouse..GREAT idea. LOL
    Had SUCH a BLAST shooting with you and C again!

  3. Love all the colors in the hobby picture! Neat green picture too!

  4. Love your hobby shot. Is it possible this is the second shot of the shoe house in the hunt? Think you have a neighbor linking up :)

    1. Hi Stasha, Thank you for your visit...yes you have seen this shoe house before! You are quite observant! There are actually three versions of this house in this week's hunts. The three of us went hunting together this week!

  5. Oh, I'd love to visit that house!

    Lovely colors in the yarn. :)

  6. Love that hobby shot! And so funny about that shoe - I think 3/4 of the submissions have that shoe - great minds think alike and live near each other!

  7. That wall is out of this world .. alien I mean. Can hardly believe it is for real. I thought it was an edit at first.
    What a find. As are all your others: those huge boots made me laugh. Great stuff.

  8. I keep seeing this shoe house everywhere - I really love your first and last shots.

  9. Haha, I remember when that shoe was on The Amazing Race...we all were so excited that we KNEW that shoe personally :). I really like your "Strike a pose".


  10. Love your hobby shot. So vibrant!

  11. Very cool strike a pose. Love the vibrant colours of your hobby shot and green is very interesting.

  12. these are all wonderful and yes i remember the shoe. i LOVE the amazing race and phil, i sooo want to run that race and hear phil say "you are team number ONE!!!

    that blue sky is take your breath away gorgeous!!!

  13. Cool series. - I've never seen the Shoe House but what a great shot for the Footwear Prompt.
    Your Hobby shot was so colorful.
    Great shot for Color Me Green
    Shiny was quite unique - what is that object?
    Awwww Strike a Pose is so cute.

  14. Amazing captures, Wendy! I'd love to see the inside of that shoe house.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment. My hobby -- gardening and raising chickens/ducks/geese/guineas (the hay fork comes in handy for both of these endeavors.)

    Have a wonderful week!

  15. Ok I will take the horse off your hands...It is beautiful. I love all your shots though!

  16. I love the first and last shots!

  17. I love your yarn shot, it is really stunning! That shoe is too funny, I wonder why someone built a shoe house...

  18. That shoe house is fabulous for the prompt!!!!! Love all that yarn too- makes me want to get crafty.

  19. I've seen that shoe before somewhere nice shot. I love your hobby shot so colorful plus shiny great macro

  20. Beautiful photos! And such unique subjects. I love each one. Well done!!

  21. Great the yarn photo. And...I had a good chuckle over the idea of walking into a shoe for ice cream. ;)