Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

 Halleluiah...HE is Risen!
 It is hard to believe another week has passed by and it's time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Easter Sunday...if your house is anything like mine, the kids are up early, dressed and hunting for their Easter Basket cleverly hidden by the Easter Bunny.
  I am excited to share that this week's pictures were all captured and edited before Saturday, with the exception of my "new" picture.  I wish every week could be Spring Break...I loved being able to pick up my camera whenever I wanted and take pictures.  
Well enough rambling...on to why you are really interpretations!!!!!

1.  NEW

I kept my niece on Saturday and discovered her NEW tooth.  I tried and tried to take a picture of it however, she wasn't cooperating.  Since she wouldn't hold still long enough for me to take the picture, I scrapped that idea and took some pictures of the new blooms and buds in my yard.  When I uploaded my pictures I realized you can just barely see her tooth in this picture so I decided to go with my original thought!

2.  LIFE

One of the coolest things about Scavenger Hunt Sunday is being able to interpret the prompts however you wish.  I decided to interpret this prompt as...the absence of life.
Taken in Philly last week, this is the Christ Church cemetery.
 A little history lesson on Christ Church cemetery...
five signers of The Declaration of Independence are buried there including Benjamin Franklin.  


I love hyacinths and especially love their fragrant aroma.  Because of our unseasonably warm weather, all of my spring flowers bloomed very early and have since died off so I pulled this picture out of my archives.  I took this picture on a very warm weekend in March. 

4.  PINK

I found this beautiful pink flowering tree one evening during the week.  I could have stayed at the tree for hours just taking pictures of the gorgeous blooms.  Ahhh I just love spring!


Isn't it obvious D. is excited to marry M.?
This week I took my first set of engagement pictures. (In a few short weeks, I'll be taking their wedding pictures...eeek!)
I had already taken a bunch of serious pictures when we decided to take some fun pictures.  I had asked M. and D. if they were up for some jumping pictures.  Both agreed and thought it would be fun!  After I explained what I wanted them to do I sat down with the camera and told them to jump.  M. just couldn't get the hang of it and no matter what we did, D. was the only one to leave the ground.  I was laughing so hard, I am surprised I was able to get some clear shots!  After many attempts we were successful...

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of my Christian friends, a very happy and blessed Easter Sunday. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my hunt pictures.  I love to hear your thoughts and comments!

Focusing on Him,


  1. Your niece is beautiful! And you interpretation of Life is stunning. Great set this week.

  2. These are so wonderful! I especially love that cute baby, and your flowers are beautiful! Love them!

  3. Love your picks this week . . . I am a sucker for cemeteries, babies and flowers so you couldn't go far wrong. Love the hyacinth . . . most of mine are blooming right now, with another bunch coming up right behind them. Happy Easter!

  4. What a wonderful set! LOVE your sweet new tooth shot, & your flowers are just delightful!

    Happy Easter weekend!!

  5. The engagement shots look so fun! Beautiful shots!

  6. beautiful shot for pink and i love the fragrant of hyacinths too

  7. These are great! Your niece is so cute and I love your pink shot!

  8. Love your fun obvious shots. All wonderful. Happy Easter.

  9. It was too early here for fragrant flower shots. Love yours though.

  10. Great set my friend! Your flowers are beautiful! And that 'wee' one looks just like you!
    Hope we can SHS shoot together soon..I am having withdrawals!

  11. Great shots! I love the expression on your nieces face. How precious! And I can almost smell that hyacinth. It's gorgeous. The jumping shots are fun, too. Looks like you were having a good time! Have a blessed and happy Easter!

  12. Great shots - love Life because I love old cemeteries!

  13. that baby is precious! who cares about her new tooth! her expression is adorable.
    And, I love the pics of the "engaged" couple! what an awesome set of pics.

  14. Love the jumping pictures! Classic. I like your "pink" photo as well!

  15. Beautiful interpretations - I especially love pink!

  16. a blessed Easter to you! These are wonderful shots! the jumping photos are so fun and I bet that couple will love them forever!

  17. Nice set of pictures! Love jumping pictures!

  18. I enjoyed your pictures, very beautiful!
    for the NEW I thought: " cute!", and yes it IS hard to get a baby to sit still. I know for a fact it is because I have a little 1 YO brother who will NOT sit still!
    For LIFE: I think that's really clever, I didn't think about that!
    For FRAGRANT: I LOVE this one it is probably my favorite (other then the baby niece).
    For PINK: Flowers are blooming here as well! And is it not such a warm and lovely sight to see?! HIS creation is awesome!
    For OBVIOUS: I can't wait for their wedding! I hope all goes well!
    Thanks for sharing your BEAUTIFUL photos!
    -Moira (or Farm Girl)